Making a will is not mandatory…

In my opinion, it probably should be, because every year, the wishes and intentions of thousands of men and women, following their death, are never realized because they failed to make a valid will. Whether you have an existing will that needs updating, or you are creating your first will, a lawyer can guide you in many valuable ways.

I’m an experienced Edmonton family lawyer. It concerns me when men and women tell me they don’t have a will. Especially when we can put one in place for you starting at $200.


Getting your Will done with a lawyer is more affordable than you may think.


We file and mange your probate/estate case with clarity. No surprise bills. No exorbitant fees. Period!


We’ve assisted clients through the probate process since 1986 . We’ve seen every situation. You can be confident to trust us with your’s.


Protect & Preserve Your Legacy With a Will

A lifetime of work and achievement make up an estate and preserving a proud legacy. I have enormous respect for what our clients have accomplished and the work our firm has done to successfully pass that legacy on to beneficiaries.

Too often, however, we get the story that there is no Will, or it can’t be found, or it’s out of date. Please do not let this happen to you.

When you work with us, putting a Will in place and updating it is economical and takes a burden off your shoulders. Our advice?

  1. Make sure you have a Will
  2. Let us review your current Will – its wishes and instructions.
  3. Update your Will on a regular basis. Consider checking it annually, or when circumstances change and need to be reflected in the Will.
  4. If you need advice, call your lawyer. Don’t have one you like? Call me.

Various issues can impact your ability to pass on your assets. My expertise and experience are invaluable in handling this process. I’ll be happy to sit down and discuss things with you.

You can put a Will in place starting from $200.

For your sake and those that come after, do it today.

5 Steps to a Quality Will

A lawyer will make sure that your Will properly protects your final wishes. Here’s how we do that for you:

Meet & Assess Your Wishes

Our goal is to create certainty for beneficiaries and yourself by having a valid Will.

Draft & Review

My team will create a draft of your Will for your review. We go back & forth till you are satisfied.

Discuss Updates:

We make sure that your Will is updated to reflect recent circumstances both in your own life or the life of your beneficiaries.

Discuss Probate Wishes

We will provide methods to reduce probate delays, costs & taxes to give assurance to your beneficiaries that your affairs are being handled professionally


You and your beneficiaries can rest assured that your Will reflects your final wishes as to how your legacy is to be handled.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done…

I’ve been an Edmonton lawyer for over three decades. When I turned 50, I decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain at 5895 metres above sea level. It was a great experience and I really appreciated the support of our Tanzanian guides and porters.

On Kilimanjaro I had plenty of time to think about the “individual” mountains we face in life, those that seem difficult to overcome. Yet sometimes all we need is support from those who’ve faced similar challenges and know how to conquer them.

I believe every adult should have a will. Why? Because when you die, regardless of how old you are and your circumstances at the time, I am convinced that you would want your estate/your assets, distributed in a way that you would approve.

We can easily and cost effectively put a will together for you. First you complete our questionnaire (see foot of this page). Next, we sit down with you to discuss your wishes, and together, come up with a document that sets out how your estate is to be handled when you pass on.

Our Commitments to You

  •  Reasonable fees
  •  Keep you informed
  •  Prompt responses
  •  Go the extra mile
  •  Protect your privacy
  •  Honour your decisions

The best advice we have:
If you do not have a valid Will, give yourself a deadline to get it done.

Frequenty Asked Questions & Will Planning Resources

For answers to the questions below, click the + to open.

What if you die without a Will (intestate)?

I have had to deal with too many Canadians and their regret that a relative or friend did not have a valid will when they died. Example. I know of a woman who lived to 100, receiving congratulatory letters from the Prime Minister and the Queen. Her will had been revised in accordance with her wishes. However, she was hospitalized in an emergency and never got to sign that revised will. Following her death, with no signature, the courts decided on a previous will, splitting the estate in ways contrary to her wishes.

Do I really need a Lawyer to prepare my Will?

Of course not. You may be able to take the time to put together a legally binding document that will stand up in court But there are many ways to make a mistake and I assure you our clients do not want their intentions thwarted following their death. From past experience I can tell you that without a valid will, this can get very complicated and nasty to resolve. Let’s face it, when we die, we don’t want our assets going to relatives we didn’t care about, causes we didn’t like, or government coffers. Much will depend on the intestate laws of where you live, and whoever is appointed to handle your estate.

What is a Personal Directive (living will)?

A Personal Directive is the legal term used in Alberta, somewhat equivalent to the term “Living Will” used elsewhere. It’s a decision by you to give authority to another person to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself. For example, if you are ill and clearly in no position to make decisions. Your lawyer will help you draw up a suitable Personal Directive to reflect your wishes.

Why hire a qualified lawyer?

When the estate is complex, when you want legalities handled quickly and competently, no lawsuits, no family fights, no Probate Court rejection, beneficiaries paid, and most of all, peace of mind, a qualified lawyer can handle all issues for you..

How long does the process take?

From three months to 18 months or more, depending on estate complexity

Do I need a Power of Attorney as well as a Will?

Since we are all going to die, we need a Will.  However, a PoA is not required. Having said that, putting a PoA in place is an extraordinarily smart action on your part. If you were to lose capacity without one, you could expose your family to potential feuds. Consider your PoA as insurance against that.

Does a Power of Attorney survive my death?

No. The moment you die, your PoA is cancelled and your Will comes into effect.

Can the person I appoint to be my PoA representative be in conflict with the Executor of my Will?

There is no relationship between your PoA appointment and your Will. Your named “Executor” in your Will administers your “estate” (financial assets) after you die. If you wish, your Executor and your PoA representative can be the same person. It’s up to you.

Are there Provincial differences in Power of Attorney requirements?

Yes. Provinces each have their own interpretation of PoA. Check what those conditions are for the Province where you live.

What do I do next?

If you’ve made it this far, the best thing to do is schedule a consultation with me. Bring whoever you need to attend.

During the consultation we can discuss any additional questions you have without a commitment to work with me. I want you to feel comfortable with me before you decide.

If you don’t have a will, we suggest you put it on your “to do” list and give it a deadline for completion.

Will Planning Resources

Download free legal resources to help you through the executor process. Your funeral home will also be able to provide necessary forms and helpful worksheets.