Chris came as a referral from someone I know and even though I had another lawyer I work with regularly I am ever so grateful I chose him. He treated me with compassion and professionalism. I felt listened to, confident and am sure the process was made simpler just by his expertise and knowledge of the process. If you are looking for someone who is kind, efficient and prompt, Chris is the lawyer for you. He now has become my lawyer for most things that require legal support. And if I ever have to work through probate again, I would not hesitate to contact Chris.

Sandra J

Losing a family member is never easy. When I lost my mom the grief was enough but having to deal with the estate just put it over the top. So I contacted, and ended up working with Chris. Through compassion, knowledge, and an incredibly professional manner Chris made the process so much easier. He communicated what the process would be, clearly stated what needed to be done and he filled in all the gaps. His actions and attitude helped me feel confident and trusting in the care of my loved one’s estate. I highly recommend him if you are managing an Estate.

Muriel P

I want to thank you for your work in handling my separation. Thank you for helping to create a separation arrangement inside of which our son is properly taken care of both emotionally and financially, and that his parents can get on creating the next part of their lives. I want you to know you made a difference in how I get to live my Life.

Cheryl NFamily Law